Effective, safe handling of security and emergency situations is more important than ever. Hand on heart, can you honestly say that you always know where your travelling employees are, or that you could assist them quickly if something untoward should happen?

Many of the current “travel tracking reports” are all well and good, but they are based solely on data on where people have planned to be. That’s why, to keep you abreast of where people actually are and how they are doing – and, vitally, to enable you to communicate efficiently with them – we have launched a new and much-requested product, Berg-Hansen Track & Trace.

Berg-Hansen Track & Trace gives you:

  • Information at a glance, showing the actual location of your travelling employees
  • Efficient two-way communication via mobile phone
  • A quick overview of the situation of your travelling employees
  • Easier prioritisation of further work

How the system works:

  1. As the emergency contact, you have access to a control centre, with which you can see which employees have booked travel to the relevant destination, or on specific flights.
  2. Using the control centre, it only takes a couple of minutes to send everyone a text, asking whether they are OK.
  3. Then, with two taps of their phone, your employees can inform you of their GPS position and status: OK, Need help, Need medical assistance.
  4. Travelling employees can also send a message to the emergency contact by either e-mail or text, and their status and GPS position then pop up on your phone.

This enables you to quickly gain an overview of who is OK, who needs help, and who has not replied. This in turn makes it easier to prioritise further work and to focus on the people who need help or whom you have not been able to contact.

Is it legal to track employees who are travelling?

The system asks employees to state their current status and position. This means that no active tracking is involved and the system complies with applicable laws and regulations on privacy. See Berg-Hansen Track & Trace in action:
What happens when the data network is down?

In a major incident, Wi-Fi and mobile data networks may go down. Therefore, the control centre and travelling employees can communicate either by data or text (SMS), depending on what is available. This means that travelling employees are not dependent on mobile data networks and only require the most basic form of mobile coverage (GSM).

Take security and emergency preparedness seriously

All companies and organisations that have employees who travel as part of their work should thoroughly evaluate their procedures for responding to unforeseen events. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have: as the employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are safe, including – and in particular – when they are travelling.

If you want to know more about security and emergency preparedness when travelling, or about Berg-Hansen Track & Trace, just ask: info@berg-hansen.no

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