Breathing new life into ageing wind farms

Keeping the turbines turning – Green energy remains the biggest opportunity to tackle climate change. Securing significant improvement in this vital area is viewed as the most important lever for the energy transition.


Miros Speed Through Water Unlocks Real-Time Vessel Performance Observations for BW Dry Cargo

Using Miros Wavex, BW Dry Cargo was able to combine in-service data points from BW RYE with measured weather conditions to understand the true value of their investments, as well as to operate the ship more efficiently, saving fuel and, ultimately, reducing carbon emissions.


Safe Travel

Infection control on the journey has never been more relevant, and everyone comes with advice on what to do and not to do. It is a confusing time and difficult to keep track of. We have therefore created a checklist that briefly describes what you should keep in mind before, during and after the trip, to ensure that you travel as safely as possible.


That’s 205 Knots and counting!

The #SB1Defiant continues to reach new speeds, and as our Chief Test Pilot, Bill Fell said: “This thing’s got a lot more in it!”


Aircontact arrange Boeing 767 flight to Antarctica

This year the largest civilian aircraft ever, landed at Troll Research Station in Antarctica. The flight was arranged by Aircontact on behalf of The Norwegian Polar Institute and operated by Icelandair, on their Boeing 767-300.


Wavex Delivers Cloud-Integrated Wave & Current Monitoring to the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research

Miros upgraded the Wavex installation onboard the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research’s vessel, G.O. Sars, before it sailed north to Svalbard.


Lightning strikes & Aviation

Lightning strikes can be dangerous in aviation and should be avoided. August 13th-2020 the Oslo area was hit by a tropical type thunderstorm lasting into the early hours. The high frequency of lightning strikes is unusual this far north.


Has the Corona put an end to the Electric Aircraft?

Many people are worried that the corona will stop the development of electric aircraft - on the contrary, says our expert on electric aircraft, Arne Martin Gilberg



Experts in wave technology, Miros, and one of the world’s leading maritime groups, BW Group, are combining their influence and expertise to disrupt the performance inefficiencies of the shipping industry, providing the necessary tools to bring about a transparent, collaborative, and financially rewarding future for all.


Miros RangeFinder Determines Safe Conditions for Jacking Operations During Offshore Wind Farm Construction

When a passing typhoon caused the project’s wave buoy to fail, a Miros RangeFinder was able to deliver accurate, real-time local sea state data continuously, allowing operations to continue.


Miros RangeFinder

The Miros RangeFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. We decided to take a look under the hood with Miros Operations Manager


The Outlook: Stronger Wind, Bigger Waves, and More Extreme Events

Global trends in wind speed and wave height are on the up, with increasingly extreme conditions predicted worldwide. We explore the findings of several studies and discuss the important role of remote sensing in the ongoing surveillance of environmental conditions.