-We are incredibly proud of this recognition. Our employees are known to put customers first in everything we do, and this award shows that our customer focus is highly appreciated by those who are responsible for their corporate travel program. In 2018, we launched a new Travel Management program. «In Control» ensures a profitable and tailor-made travel program. With a constantly changing industry, this program helps Travel Managers keep track in a fragmented market, states CEO in Berg-Hansen, Per Arne Villadsen.

-In January, we received the award for Best Customer Service during the Customer Service Days 2019. Now we won the prize for Best Travel Management. This proves we have a solid product that add value to both travelers and Travel Managers. In Berg-Hansen we are extremely concerned with the customer experience. We therefore work continuously to offer personal service in combination with the industry’s best digital solutions, states Villadsen.

The award is based on surveys towards Nordic Travel Managers and purchasers of travel services from member companies in the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish business travel organizations; DBTA, FBTA, NBTA and SBTA. The award ceremony was held at the annual «Nordic Business Travel Summit», which is an important meeting venue for both buyers and providers of business travel in the Nordic countries.

– The Nordic region is the 10th largest Business travel region in the world which means that we are heavy users of travel suppliers from all parts of the industry. The providers that ended up on the top 3 list and those that subsequently won deliver excellent support, not only to the all-important business travelers but also the corporate travel manager responsible for managing this spend, states Lotten Fowler, General Manager of the Swedish Business Travel Association (SBTA).

About the survey

The survey and prize is based on the Net Promoter method, where the highest score in each price category wins. In addition, the survey covers both categories of decision makers and business travelers. The two categories assess their travel suppliers from different perspectives. The decision makers consider from a company perspective, and business travelers consider the travel providers of the industry’s segment-specific drivers depending on whether it is an airline, hotel, travel agent or payment provider. Both categories consider the travel suppliers based on Net Promoter Score (NPS). The drivers give an explanation of what drives customer satisfaction and NPS. This applies both to the industry as a whole, but also to each travel supplier.

Nordic Bench is a research institute that focuses on independent industrial studies based on an international standard for the Net Promoter Method.