The compensation is made through established and global systems, and we have chosen to work with Norwegian CHOOOSE in this work. The money for climate compensation goes to supporting CO2-reducing projects in developing countries.
What is a climate ratio?
We support UN-approved and climate-friendly projects that reduce pollution by deleting climate quotas similar to the emissions from your trip. The projects are UN approved and hold the latest available Gold Standard verification.
About the project
Berg-Hansen has chosen to support a project called Kariba Forest Protection in Zimbabwe. The Kariba project ensures that 784,987 hectares of forest and wildlife on the southern coast of Zimbabwe Lake Kariba are protected.
In addition to protecting the environment, the Kariba project also contributes to a number of activities to create well-being in nearby communities. Examples of this include health services to the local population, infrastructure development, easier access to clean water and subsidies that enable children to attend school.