We detected 1797 lightning strikes in our Oslo detection area starting at 1200 (CET) and lasting to 0300 (CET).

It started in the North West of the sector and travelled through the sector in a South Easterly direction.

It passed through two air traffic control zones.
ENGM ( Oslo Airport Gardermoen ) and ENRY ( Rygge Airport, Moss ).

Aircraft lightning strikes, possible delays and discomfort to passengers can all be avoided with MM Aviation’s AeroMET-Lightning Prediction technology.

With MM Aviation AeroMET-Lightning Prediction technology Approach routes and traffic planning in/out of Oslo TMA and the many airports around Oslo can be managed efficiently

Two sample displays for ATC planning. One giving an overview of the lightning strikes and how they develop over time (directions and intensity). The other divides the airspace into sectors and with a glance ATC can see which sectors are unaffected by the lightning storm and which sectors to avoid.


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