A digital meeting place is a digital event that takes place online, where participants communicate and interact with each other using digital tools.

It is very important to ensure good planning in advance of a digital meeting or conference. The most commonly reported cause of bad digital encounters is based on lack of preparation, unclear purpose and no clear agenda. Before calling in to a digital meeting, one should ask oneself the question; what is the purpose of the meeting, have I chosen the right arena for the topic and is this suitable for the target group?

How to conduct a good digital meeting:

  1. Plan the meeting well and choose the right digital meeting place for your particular meeting.
  2. Check that the camera, light and microphone are on and that the network is working.
  3. Be a clear chair of the meeting and give a brief introduction about the purpose and current agenda.
  4. Define meeting rules in advance, such as mobile phone use, camera use, raising your hand for questions and using emojis.
  5. Time management is important, make sure you get through the items on the agenda and that you start and end at the agreed time.
  6. Ensure engagement and involvement among the participants.
  7. Stick to short meetings – do not hold hour-long meetings on Teams or Zoom.

Broadcast from TV studio

Broadcasts from TV studios are the right choice for larger digital productions, with longer broadcasts and more participants on screen. In the TV studio, you have access to total of 3 studios of different sizes, which makes it possible to run parallel broadcasts if desired. Here we have plenty of space for both panel debates and seating groups in front of the camera, and we have the opportunity for multi-camera production. Here we can arrange for both TV make-up and lunch. It is possible with integration with Teams and Zoom, interactive services to engage the audience, chat, and production of graphics that will be on the screen.

The disadvantage of TV-studio is that this is a slightly more expensive solution than Berg-Hansen Studio, but the possibilities TV-studio opens up are endless.

Shipping from any location

Digital meeting places do not have to be run from the office, home offices or studio. We also have the ability to tailor digital broadcasts at other types of locations. Here, only the imagination and budget set the limits. Exciting and inspiring locations help to form the framework around digital production, and here we work with a large number of suppliers who are well suited for this purpose.