Galleri JMS

Although mostly known for its prominent position in the field of interior decoration, Galleri JMS is also a respected real-estate developer. The company furthermore controls investments, conducts sales of artworks and antiques, and manages ownership of intellectual property rights.

In addition to interior decoration projects, the company handles project-management for its clients and assumes responsibility of the planning and architectural phases, as well as follow-up during construction or renovation.

The company is headed by the widely respected interior decorator, Yvonne Stenersen.

Galleri JMS – Gyldenløve’s Reference-works include estates, offices, residencies, leisure homes, mountain lodges and private yachts.

Profiled projects include both project management and interior design of the private residence of the King and Queen of Norway at the Royal Palace in Oslo, as well as the interior decoration of K/S “Norge” – Norway’s unique and historic Royal Yacht.

List of references:

  • “Hordnes”, private residence, Bergen. Total interior decorating.
  • The Residence of the Royal Family at Jørstad, Lillehammer. Projecting and interior decorating.
  • Mountain lodges, Skeikampen. Planning & administration of architectural layout and the construction phases as well as total interior decorating.
  • “Sundhågan”, Vågå. Representing the owner during the construction phase as well as total interior decorating.
  • ”Voksenhus”, private estate, Oslo. Interior decorating.
  • The Residence of the King and Queen of Norway at the Royal Palace, Oslo. Project- management and total interior decorating.
  • “Nøisomhed”, Molde. Representation-residence of the Berg-Jacobsen Group.
  • “Knippeset”, private leisure estate, Valdres. Project management and interior.
  • “K/S Norge”, The King and Queen of Norway’s yacht, Royal Norwegian Navy. Interior decorating.