Dag Seierstad (Klassekampen – Newspaper), writes about the railway contract given to British Go-Ahead. Seierstad touches an extremely important point in his post that should interest anyone who believes in the Norwegian Public procurement model.

We are in a situation where it is more profitable to «lie and brag» than to deliver good products and services to the public sector. The price trumps regardless of everything. At the same time, competition from global companies is increasing. The answer from Norwegian politicians has so far been that the problem must be solved internationally. In other words, total paralysis. There is no broad international will to address this issue. I cannot understand that it is not possible to get broad political support from the Norwegian authorities to change their own purchasing regime, so that we achieve profitable public procurement based on equal conditions of competition.

The first step may be to weigh the price lower than today, and open for real quality assessment through thorough assessment of what the supplier can actually deliver.

Per Arne Villadsen
Berg-Hansen Reisebyrå