• The airlines are working on new distribution models that makes price and product comparisons more difficult for the end users.

• Credit card fees and increased currency spreads makes payment by credit card considerably more expensive than before.

Each area has a set of different solutions that can be adapted to the individual company’s needs and routines.

A flexible billing and settlement solution from Berg-Hansen is efficient and time saving for both the companies and the travelers. Experience shows that it also gives greater loyalty to the company’s policy and travel program. Further simplification is achieved by using available e-invoice solutions.

The program “In Control” will make it profitable for both private travelers and business travelers, writes Product Manager Gunnar Gunnarsen.

The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries, but also one of the world’s most fragmented. To make money, the players depend on large volumes. This has pushed forward new distribution and business models, new ways to make money and more players.
We customize and deliver in the open market where it is easy to compare products and prices, making it easy for the customer to make good choices. In addition to open market prices and customer agreements, we have our own agreements within hotels and car rental, which often gives good and profitable alternatives.

As the largest travel agency in Norway and partner with one of the world’s largest travel agency chains, it goes without saying that we can make better deals than most others. From us, you can get a good comparison of all products and prices.

Digitization offers enormous possibilities. It is about finding out where in the travel process you meet the difficulties and time-consuming obstacles, then automate and streamline the whole process. It is about everything that happens from registering a new employee in the HR system, until he or she has booked their trip, travelled and the bill is settled.

Being responsible and choosing travel options that have a sustainability element in it, has become an important criterion. We make it easy to book a flight, but it is also about advising on sustainable alternatives at the time of ordering, whether it is the simple business trip or a larger event.