“We are both proud and honoured to have received such recognition from our customers. And the fact that we also picked up the award for best customer service across all sectors this year clearly demonstrates that people really appreciate our emphasis on personal service,” says Per Arne Villadsen, CEO of Berg-Hansen.

Personal service produced a record score
“Berg-Hansen quite simply hits all the positive notes, both within the travel segment and across all sectors. The KS (Customer Service) index reveals that customers view Berg-Hansen as giving top priority to personal service, and a company cannot ask for much better feedback than that,” relates Finn Olav Sveinall, Senior Consultant at Kantar TNS, who goes on to highlight several areas where Berg-Hansen stands out in the field of customer service.

“Feedback from customers reveals that Berg-Hansen deals professionally with everyone who contacts them with an enquiry. This is important because the resolution rate is the key to customer satisfaction. However, it’s rare to see a resolution rate as high as Berg-Hansen’s.”

Good advice and digital solutions go hand in hand
The travel industry is highly digital nowadays, which means that when booking travel of any kind, most customers want to take care of everything via the internet. What is more, the travel sector is currently dominated by major global travel operators. As a Norwegian travel agent, Berg-Hansen has chosen to combine digital solutions with personal service.

“We’re passionate about good customer experiences, so we must develop constantly and keep on offering an excellent overall product to travellers. Solid skills throughout the organisation, travel consultants available 24/7, experts in pricing, ticketing, technological development and local presence throughout Norway all combine to provide travellers with the best possible customer service. And this award will surely motivate us to continue on our journey,” says Per Arne Villadsen.

About the survey
The Customer Service of the Year award is presented annually during the Kundeservicedagene event. The seven sector winners and the overall winner of Customer Service of the Year award are chosen based on the results in the KS index. This is Norway’s biggest customer service survey, and the only one where customers are asked directly for their opinion of the customer service they received from the company they contacted most recently over the past 14 days.

Kantar TNS asks 40,000 customers for their feedback every year, and receives around 20,000 responses from people who have been in touch with a company. The award is presented by Kantar TNS in partnership with Tekna and the technology provider Loxysoft.