It is usually very simple measures, such as traveling half an hour earlier or making smaller adjustments around the chosen airline.

A total of 75 percent of all orders with us are made by the customer through our travel portal online. The travel portal is simple and intuitive, but we still want to give our customers an extra confidence that they get the best possible price on their journey. Anyone who has tried to book a longer journey online knows that there are many «roads to Rome».

Ingar has a special focus on these trips, as well as traveling in Europe where he sees that the price is abnormally high.
– It happens daily. I recently saved one customer NOK 15,000 by giving him more flexibility and changing the composition of the flight. When I change something the customer has chosen, I contact and ask if it is okay that they save NOK 10,000 to travel half an hour before. They are usually very pleased and surprised that we follow up on these things, he says.

We take care of our customers

Berg-Hansen is a full service travel agency, which provides security for our travelers both before, during and after the journey.