All in one Place

Tourism is part of the environmental challenge. Therefore, we at Berg-Hansen will do everything we can to reduce the negative footprint of travel as much as possible. This means, among other things, offering climate-conscious products and services.

As the only travel agency in Norway, we offer booking of train tickets directly in our travel portal. VY (formerly NSB) is fully integrated into our solutions, which means that here in Norway you can book trains from east to west and from south to north, as far as the train tracks reach. In other words, as a customer you have access to order both flights, hotels, car hire and trains in one and in the same travel portal. Our job as a travel agency is to facilitate and make it seamless, easy and safe for you, both in advance, during and after the journey.

Trains in Europe

The network of railways in Europe is incredibly complex. Hundreds of railway tracks are operated by hundreds of companies – and «no one» collaborates. As of today there is no website where you can order long train journeys from Norway and down to Europe with a few keystrokes.

Berg-Hanse cooperates with VY / ENTUR on train travel outside Norway. ENTUR sells international train tickets and manages agreements with European train companies on behalf of the Railway Directorate. Through our customer center, one can order both simple and complex train journeys, across borders across Europe. This is a key part of our sustainability strategy.