As we soon close out yet another “different” year, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty to Miros’ sensors and services. We love the fact that so many of you agree that sea state data is best delivered as a service and have embraced our new Sea-State-as-a-Service! Having supportive and enthusiastic customers makes a business the best it can be – you inspire us to do our best!

We are proud of our achievements throughout 2021, we are proud of our crowd of committed wave-enthusiasts working at Miros and we are proud of our amazing customer base. Thanks to all of you for a brilliant 2021. We look forward to continuing riding the waves together and lifting our common journey to reach new heights.

We are happy to welcome 41 brand new customers and amazed at the more than 8.3 billion data points transferred via Miros Cloud. On our way to delivering our products and services to 29 countries this year, we have had countless video meetings and even more cups of coffee, together with 7 new employees. And all that with zero injuries or LTI days. Quite the year – and looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings. Maybe slightly fewer video meetings and a chance to see new and old faces in person again.