– I think it is especially nice and important to receive such an award, for two years in a row. Being named «Norway’s leader in Travel Management 2021» tells us that the market sees the value of having a professional travel agency behind it. Especially now in a time that is both challenging and uncertain. I am very proud that Berg-Hansen is considered a safe and solid partner, says Villadsen.

A predictable partner in an unpredictable world

Even, after almost two years of pandemic, many people find it confusing and difficult to familiarize themselves with guidelines and entry requirements to be able to travel. Through the pandemic, Berg-Hansen has built up solid expertise in this area. The fact that travel managers in companies know that their employees and travellers receives good advice and recommendations from experienced travel experts is crucial for the employers responsibility.

– We are optimistic about 2022. This autumn we experienced a tremendous. Our ambition is to continue to deliver the best travel and meeting services to our customers throughout Norway, both in 2022 and in the years to come, Villadsen continues.

People and technology ensure good customer experiences

Berg-Hansen works continuously to further develop self-service tools that make it easy to manage travel. But, it is not technology alone that provides the best customer experience.

– We would never have received this recognition if it were not for the people who are in contact with customers every day. Berg-Hansen employees work with both head and heart, and feels a special responsibility to ensure that each customer receives the best service. I am incredibly proud of the work done by employees all over Norway – every single day, Villadsen concludes.

The World Travel Awards was established in 1993, and in November 2021, the 28th edition went off the rails. The purpose of the award is to recognize and reward companies that excel in travel, tourism and the service industry.